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Audio Visual Laboratory

The audio visual laboratory of the school helps the students to acquire wide knowledge through audios, videos and CDs. This facility can be used by 45 students at a time.

Video Filming Unit

The students with creative abilities are fortunate to use Video cameras which provide them training for a profession while they still study in the school.

Photographic Laboratory

The skills of the students enhances through the photographic Laboratory which has facilities even to develop a negative to a real photograph.With a short span of 2 years the students have achieved many distinctions by winning many awards at photographic competitions. All the School Functions are covered by the school photographic unit. Apart from this they are privileged to cover weddings and other functions, that provide them to earn while they are still studying in the school.

Radio Electronic Laboratory

The necessity of providing the modern electronic technology is fulfilled by the school Electronic Laboratory which was started in later part of 1999. The students have developed many new equipments by now. The students quoted a bid for the Ministry of Education to supply electronic equipments to be used in schools & this was however turned down due to reasons unknown.

Motor Mechanics Laboratory

The Motor Mechanical Laboratory in the school is unparallel to any other Motor Mechanical Laboratory in any other school in Sri Lanka Models of diesel engines, petrol engines gear boxes, brake systems etc provide a vast knowledge and practical experience to the students Recently a welding course also has been introduced to the students.

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