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"Sons of ISIVARA" are talented as always. However, appreciations are very much limited due to poor publicity. Even publicity within the school is very remote.   However, a single mistake by our student could  made much publicity tarnishing the College image.  There was no proper room to rectify some deceit stories published by some media.  The present Principal of the College Mr. A. C. Perera has brought this topic to the attention in one of the School Development Society Executive Committee meeting very recently.  I was requested by the said Executive Committee to address this issue.  Although it is a vigorous effort, I have accepted the challenge in order to safeguard the image and respect of my Alma-mater.

"ISINADA" nor the “ISIPATHANA MEDIA EMITTING UNIT” establishment is result of same.  I am very much delighted to inform that the true blessing and every support was duly received from the Honorable Principal and the Executive Committee of the School Development Society.

The theme is “ISIPATHANA,YOUR FRIENDLY ACADAMY IS EVEN CLOSER TO YOU NOW”. My main task was to re-activate the Isipathana College website. I would like to mentioned my special thanks for the Honorable Principal for the support extended to make this success.  This website gives the information such as, all current activates of the college, past records, details of the prestigious Old Boys, Senior & Junior Old Boy Unions and also include the ongoing projects that will enhance the college developments & etc. I would kindly request to furnish valuable past records, photos & etc., in order to include same in the website.

Our effort is to make our website is the best among the school websites in terms quality. We intend to develop the children attendance, exam results and all the school related activates in the future. We may able to bring the school glory to your home, working place and other words to your eyesight.

Furthermore, we would like enhance our physical properties on internal Media Unit in order to improve the quality output. As a result we could strength the college existing Internal Media System.

Furthermore, we have able to establish close relationship among the electronic (Television / Radio) & printed (Newspapers / Magazines) during this short period of time.  One of our prestigious Old boy, my fellow friend and famous journalist Mr. Athula Ransirilal has extended his fullest co-operation for which I thank him very much. As a result we are now able spread and share our school children performance and the news which encourage the School image globally.

Notice Boards, Posters, Banners, Cut-outs and also Hand leaflets will be arranged to public the necessary news.

Steps are been taken in order to develop relationship among the other fellow schools and also inviting them for the college activities.

We are most welcome any proposals for the development of the college. Also action will be taken to refer the complaints / proposals that are made on goodwill for necessary authorities with the consent of the principal.

We kindly invite all the old boys [local / foreign] teachers, parents and friends who would like to wish our alma-mater regardless of any dispute in order to make our vision and mission success. Our college will deliver very smart and leading citizens to the Sri Lanka nations and hope our alma-mater will able to tear off and be able to enjoy very soon.

If you are a son of our alma-mater we kindly invite you to shake hands with us.

Thank you.

Yours friendly
Nandana Basitansz
"ISINADA" Operation Coordinator


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